When are your Council Meetings?

The City of Walthourville Mayor and Council meet twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the conference room located in the Walthourville Police Department. These meetings are open to the public.

How can I be placed on a Council Meeting agenda?

If you plan to address the Council, you must request to be placed on the agenda by the Friday prior to the meeting or call 912-368-7501.

How do I open a business in the City of Walthourville?

The City of Walthourville issues business license for residents and businesses in the City of Walthourville city limits. You may obtain an application packet along with instructions from the Walthourville City Hall located at 222 Busbee Road, Walthourville, GA 31333. Note: all applicants must be approved by the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission [LINK TO www.thelcpc.org] and appear before Mayor and Council for final approval prior to any business license being issued.

Is it possible to apply for a position that is not currently listed, just to have an application on record for a future opening?

The City of Walthourville accepts applications daily; however, if a job becomes available, it will be posted on the city’s website as well as advertised through the Georgia Department of Labor and the Coastal Courier newspaper. There must be a current application for each position applied for.

City Affairs
Are there any cultural activities for my family and I in the City of Walthourville?

The City of Walthourville is constantly working to attract and create more events in the City. Visit our announcements page and events calendar for annual events taking place in Walthourville. Also, visit the Liberty County Convention & Visitors website [LINK TO www.libertycounty.org] for information on events and activities in lovely Liberty County.

Is the Liberty County Transit system coming to Walthourville?

A proposal has been submitted and Mayor and Council are in negotiations about expanding the Liberty Transit bus system to include Walthourville.

When are we going to get a grocery store and fast food eateries in the City?

We are always researching and contacting food chains about coming to the City of Walthourville. We are working on recruiting a fast food eatery in the near future. Diligence and persistence is the key and we will keep working until we obtain a grocery store and more eateries in the city.

What are some activities for the youth to do in the city?

The city’s youth is one of our greatest assets because they are our future. Currently, we are trying to apply for a grant to build a multi-purpose center to have some indoor activities. However, the city is home to Johnnie Frasier Park where there are basketball goals, a playground, picnic tables and a beautiful new pavilion with an air-conditioned kitchen. Please use this venue to enjoy leisure activities and special events in Walthourville.

Do we need a police department?

Yes, we do need a city police department to target the specific needs of our community. Having full-time police helps us reduce crime and deter criminal activity so that our city can be safe.

Do I have to get a permit to burn in the City of Walthourville?

Yes. If you are planning on open burning within the City of Walthourville, you must obtain a burn permit from the Georgia Forestry Commission. The permit can be obtained by calling 1-800-OK2-BURN (652-2876) or visit the Georgia Forestry Commission website [LINK UNDERLINED TO: http://www.gfc.state.ga.us/online-permits/index.cfm.]

Is the Walthourville Fire Department a child car seat fitting station?

Unfortunately, not at this time. There are only two certified fitting stations in Liberty County and they are City of Hinesville Fire Department Station 1 located at 103 Liberty Street, Hinesville, GA 31313 and the other is City of Hinesville Fire Department Station 2 located at 640 Airport Road Hinesville, GA 31313.

Does the Walthourville Fire Department fill swimming pools?

The Walthourville Fire Department does not offer a pool fill service at this time.

Public Works
Can I apply for service online or over the phone?

We cannot complete the process online or over the phone, but you can set it up via email. Just email a copy of your lease or purchase agreement and we will send you an application. Return the application along with a copy of your ID. After the documents are received and your account is set-up, you can pay the connection fee online the next business day. We will send the service order out to turn on service once the payment is received.

Will someone need to be at the home for connection?

Yes, this ensures that your home does not flood if water is on in the home once the services is connected. Someone will need to be home to make sure the water is running in the home and note causing any damage.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, you can find your account number on your bill and use the last four digits of the phone number on file to pay through the website. If you cannot locate this information, call (912) 368-7501 with the last name on the account and address so we can provide the information you need to complete the online payment.

It’s been a while and I still haven’t received my utility bill. What’s going on?

The City of Walthourville outsources utility billing to a company in Spartunburg, South Carolina. The City of Walthourville reads the meters and calculate the bills then electronically sends them to the company. The bills are mailed from South Carolina so it may take more time than normal if something arises with postal services. If bill is not received by the 20th of the month, please call City Hall at 912-368-7501.

Why is my water bill so high?

The Liberty County Solid Waste doubled landfill fees in October 2015 so the fees for our residents also increased on the bill. Also, in the past, the water bill only included water and garbage fees. Recently, we completed a citywide sewer project so a sewer fee is also on some accounts, depending on where you live in the city. Please call (912) 368-7501 so we can determine what has changed on your account.

Is my water safe to drink?

Your water is tested once per month by an Environmental Protection Division certified laboratory to ensure it water is safe for consumption.

How often is the water sampled?

The water is randomly tested daily to make sure the chlorine and flouride contents are within prescribed levels.

What is your policy on recycling?

Recycling is mandatory in the City of Walthourville. Place your recyclable materials in the green polycart labeled Recycle. Your recycling is collected when garbage is picked up at no additional cost to our customers.

Why didn’t my garbage/recycling get picked up?

Garbage is picked up weekly Monday through Wednesday and recycling is picked up the second and fourth weeks of the month. Our drivers keep a log when collecting trash and recycling. They also place a notice on your door with the reason why your container was not emptied. Some common reasons are it is not placed to the curb, food is in the container, recyclable material is in the container, bricks are in the container or dry trash is in the container.

What is dry/bulk trash?

Dry trash includes leaves, tree limbs, household goods and appliances. We do NOT accept rocks, logs,lumber, tree stumps, concrete or asphalt. Tires will be picked up for an additional fee.

What do I do with tires that I want to get rid of?

Tires can be picked up for an additional fee. Tires without rims are $3.00 each, tires with rims are $5.00 each, tractor trailer tires without rims are $13.00 each and tractor trailer tires with rims are $25.00 each. Please call 912­368­7501 to arrange pickup of tires prior to placing them on the curb.

What if we have a large amount of tree limbs, leaves and household goods to be picked up? Who do we call?

Please contact Walthourville City Hall at 912­368­7501 for pickup instructions.

Do you pick up trash on holidays?

If a holiday falls on Monday, garbage pickup will be delayed for one day every day that week only. Normal pickup will resume the following week.

What number do I call for an emergency issue with my water?

Call 912-­432-2807 to reach Vincent Pray, City Council Liaison for Public Works.

How do we get answers or help with problems pertaining to public works?

Please contact the individuals listed below:

Dave Martin, Sanitation Supervisor ­ 912-­321­-8642

Ralph Roberts, Roads and Grounds Supervisor ­ 912-­977­-2542

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