Walthourville makes recycling easy! The city began collecting recyclables in January 2011 at no additional cost to our customers. As established by City Ordinance 10-12-01, recycling is mandatory and available to all customers who have garbage pickup with the City of Walthourville.

Recyling is collected the second and third week of the month. Recylables must be placed at the curb in the green polycart labeled RECYCLE on the same day as other trash and/or household garbage is collected. The following is a list of items that CAN and CAN NOT be placed in the green poly-cart provided by the city:

Cardboard Boxes
Printed or Typed Reports
Used Files
Photocopy Paper & Wrappers
Paper Binder Dividers
Bond Stock Letterhead/Forms
Computer Printouts (No Carbon)
Envelopes (Including Windowed)
Index Cards/Sheets
Manila Folders
Phone Books
Writing Paper
Drawing Paper
Note Paper
Register Rolls
Wrapping Paper
PET Bottles
HDPE Natural Containers
HDPE Colored Containers
Aluminum Cans
Steel Cans
Tin Cans
Hazardous Materials
Carbon Paper
Self Carbonized Paper
Food Scraps/Wrappers
Typewriter Ribbons
Sticky Tape
Adhesive Labels
Facial Tape
Paper Towels
Rubber Bands
Metal Binder Fasteners
Waxed Cardboard
Plastic Strapping
Wood Waste
Household Waste

Remember, recycling is not optional. It is mandatory. Fines of up to $1,000.00 and/or imprisonment of up to 30 days plus court costs may be imposed if convicted of noncompliance.  FINES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

If you have any questions regarding recyclable please, call Public Works Director Jimmie Martin at 912-977-4300.